Why Varonis?

Microsoft Windows file servers, including NAS devices like EMC and NetApp lack the ability to quickly see who has access to data and what they’ve accessed, identify excessive permissions, lock down sensitive content, and identify data owners. DatAdvantage for Windows enables you ensure that only the right people have access to the right data at all times, all access is monitored, and abuse is flagged.






Bi-directional permissions visibility
Click on any user or group and everything they have access to turns green. Click on any directory and instantly see which users can access that data. View and manage Windows, NAS, UNIX, SharePoint, and Exchange permissions from a single interface.




Automatically fix broken permissions
Varonis will show you a prioritized list of risk areas and provide recommendations on where access can be reduced without interrupting business. Simulate permissions changes in sandbox so you know exactly what will happen before you execute the change. Varonis' bi-directional cluster analysis detects when users have excessive access to data. DatAdvantage will highlight users that can be safely removed from security groups without impacting their work.


Scalable Windows file system auditing
DatAdvantage monitors every touch of every file on the file system and stores activity in a normalized database that is sortable and searchable. Detailed information on every file event is provided, and all this data can be MyCompany Quarterly Reported on and provided to data owners. Data collection does not require native Windows auditing.




Classify and lock down sensitive data
The IDU Classification Framework will perform efficient incremental content scans on your Windows, NAS, UNIX, and SharePoint systems. Many classification frameworks can tell you where sensitive data resides; Varonis can show you where its overexposed, who is accessing it, and help you lock it down safely.


Real-time alerts on access events
Enable Varonis DatAlert to receive real-time alerts on any changes to any file or folder on your Windows file systems and NAS devices. Alert on changes to important configuration files, access to sensitive data, access denied events, and more. Receive alerts via email, SNMP, event log, syslog or right to your SIEM.




Clean up stale data
Windows file shares that aren't being used consume precious disk space, add complexity to your environment, and present a risk. But how do you know which files and folders are being used and which aren't? It's easy with DatAdvantage. DatAdvantage uses its audit trail to determine whether data is being accessed by actual human users.


Find and assign data owners
DatAdvantage can see who is actually accessing data and lead IT right to the appropriate business owner and get them timely information about their data. DataPrivilege makes it painless for business users to review, authorize, and revoke access without IT assistance.




Automatically archive or migrate Windows data
Finding the right data to archive or migrate can be a massive pain. Safely and accurately executing a migration can be even more troublesome. Data Transport Engine securely and automatically archives data and migrates data across platforms.