Unified Monitorin

Pandora FMS is one of the most flexible and complete system monitoring tools on the market. With a single on-premise tool you’ll be able to monitor every part of your business (devices, infrastructure, applications, services and business processes) and you’ll also be able to obtain relevant information from them in order to manage your business.

Advantage of using Pandora FMS 

Pandora FMS allows the technology of your business to operate more efficiently, profitably and smoothly, while obtaining information on all the critical elements of your business and also detecting issues before these turn into problems. You will be able to evaluate the level of compliance of your systems and you’ll also be able to keep your customers informed about any incident. Its features are quite similar to those offered by monitoring suites of big manufacturers (Big 4), but at a much lower cost (up to 7 times cheaper).


Unified Monitoring

There are a bunch of acronyms to define Unified monitorization, such as Application Performance Management (APM), Infrastructure Monitoring, BPM (Business Process Management), Service Level Monitoring, Event monitoring… but why? The answer is that an operator needs to see a specific part of the information, and the CIO needs a completely different part. We need to be able to obtain information from different sources and to summarize it, to set up MyCompany Quarterly Reports and custom views throughout different sections of the organization.

Forget about having different solutions for every technology or department. Unify everything with Pandora FMS, saving time and money.



Infraestructure Monitoring
Routers, switches and servers. Deployed in automatic topology maps or user defined views. From a single glance at the screen you can get a view of the technological topology, as well as node or group views. Everything will be notified via e-mail, SMS or any other technology. Customize your view of events to see what’s wrong, and solve it through Pandora FMS’s remote access gateway.


Service level Monitoring
Any real scenario has hundreds of metrics. Your boss is probably not interested in all the technical details, they just need to have everything under control and be sure that the service is working properly. Service maps and custom views serve this specific purpose. Use real-time data to obtain dashboards you can design yourself, add extra information using synthetic modules, estimate deviations with our prediction algorithms,and much more. All of it to make everything simpler, where you only see what you need to, avoiding information overload and improving productivity.



Application Monitoring
Databases, mail servers and business applications are part of a service, and you’ll need to know their performance levels, which implies the need for low-level access to different metrics and their correlations, which goes further than a simple port and process check. This exceeds the average ITOM perspective of a monitoring system. With Pandora FMS you can count on an assortment of graphs, MyCompany Quarterly Reports and alerts to help you.