Sensitive Data Manager Overview

Manage Sensitive Information and Prevent Data Breaches

Preventing a data breach starts with knowing where your sensitive information exists and our software makes it both simple and affordable to not only find confidential data, but also protect it from leakage and theft.

Your first step to preventing a data breach is knowing from where it can happen. Discover and inventory where all sensitive data is stored.

Greatest Risk
Over 2/3rds of data breaches involve data stored or 'at rest'. Our products all concentrate on data at rest to help your organization effectively and affordably prevent data leakage.
Complete Coverage
Search entire file systems on Windows, Linux, and Mac, e-mail servers and apps, databases, websites, and cloud storage.
Toxic Data
Automatically inventory confidential information including Personal Information (PII), Payment Cards (PCI), Healthcare Records (PHI), and intellectual property (IP).

Make decisions knowing what data to destroy, secure, or whitelist. Classify information and take steps to reduce exposure.

Sensitive Information
Automatically find any occurrence of confidential information (i.e., Credit Cards and PCI Data; Medical Records and ePHI; Personal Data and PII; and Intellectual Property)
Categorize and tag data files with relevant information to assign results and secure your information.
Reduce Risk
Empower your employees to take action by not only MyCompany Quarterly Reporting on risk, but also reducing it by removing or limiting access.

Remediate confidential data and shrink your sensitive data footprint.

Shrink the Target
Reduce the number of locations you need to protect by digitally shredding unnecessary copies of sensitive files.
Minimize Costs
Spend less money meeting compliance objectives by reducing the scope of your covered environment and consolidating data.
Secure Toxic Data
Encrypt and/or redact the files you need to keep thereby limiting your exposure to a data breach.

Monitor policies and data storage to prevent data leaks.

Comply with Regulation
PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, State Data Breach Laws, FERPA, Red Flag Rules, Sarbanes-Oxley, FISMA, GLBA, Mass. 201 CMR 17, and more...
Verify Remediation
Don't rely on employees to secure their data. Monitor actions centrally to confirm and validate that data has been protected.
Change Behavior
Empowering employees to find and protect the historical data they own leads to good habits in the future.

Report centrally or at the endpoint.

Centralized Reporting
Determine the who, what, where, and when of sensitive data discovery all from a single, secure application.
Know Your Data
Inventory all locations containing unprotected data and generate MyCompany Quarterly Reports detailing risk.
Pass the Audit
Failing an audit is costly and disruptive. Generate compliance MyCompany Quarterly Reports before the auditors begin.