Why Varonis?

SharePoint is a fast-growing repository. All types of business-critical data (financial, back office, customer data) makes it to SharePoint. With hundreds of sites, thousands of libraries, and millions of files – how do you manage and protect your data more efficiently and get more value from it? Varonis DatAdvantage for SharePoint provides intelligence and automation for SharePoint administrators and users.




Find sensitive data in SharePoint
Can you trust that your users won’t drop sensitive files in wide-open SharePoint libraries? With the IDU Classification Framework, you don’t have to.




See who's doing what
Classification is only the beginning. Once you find sensitive data, see who created it, who’s accessing it, copying it, or deleting it. "Who Deleted My Data!?" With a continual audit trail of every SharePoint action, you can easily sort and search activity. Finding lost files or takes minutes, not hours. Help desk efficiency will skyrocket.


Simplify SharePoint permissions
SharePoint permissions are complex. Complexity breeds mistakes, exposure, and risk. Varonis DatAdvantage for SharePoint turns week-long permissions archeology projects into a few clicks—double-click to see effective permissions for any user or group. See exactly where a user or group has access as well as the size, sensitivity, usage statistics, and other helpful information.




Fix problems quickly and safely
When you spot a permissions problem in SharePoint, you can fix it without stopping people in their tracks. Simulate the change in DatAdvantage and, once you’re happy with the ensuing outcome, execute the change directly from our interface (or schedule it for later).


Detect SharePoint data leaks in real-time
Enable Varonis DatAlert to receive real-time alerts on any changes to your SharePoint sites. Customize your own alerts to detect sensitive data creation, access denied events, change control violations, and more. Receive alerts via email, SNMP, event log, syslog or right to your SIEM.




Clean up stale data
SharePoint sites that aren’t being used monopolize precious disk space, add complexity to your environment, and present a risk. But how do you know which collections, sites, and sub-sites are being used and which aren’t?


SharePoint auditing without the overhead
If you’re using native SharePoint auditing, you know it can be cumbersome. The DatAdvantage for SharePoint doesn’t require the storage overhead of native auditing and won’t impact your sites’ performance.


Automatically archive or migrate SharePoint data
Moving data between Windows and SharePoint can be a huge pain. Find out how the Data Transport Engine securely and automatically migrates data across platforms.