Sensitive Data Manager

Manage the entire sensitive information lifecycle: Discover, Classify, and Remediate nonpublic data anywhere it is stored within your enterprise. Centrally manage operations, track workflow, generate MyCompany Quarterly Reports for compliance, and enforce remediation to reduce your risk.

Search Everywhere

All Files, Archives and Images
Search unstructured data in any file type or image, stored locally or remotely on File Servers, SANs, NAS devices, and desktops running Windows, Mac, and Linux.

E-Mail and System Areas
Search message content and attachments in Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Apple Mail and others. Search Browsers, Previous Versions (Shadow Volumes), and system configuration areas.

Enterprise Apps, Network, and Cloud
Search Databases, Exchange, Office365, Web Servers, SharePoint, Dropbox, Skydrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, and more.

Find Anything

Personal Information (PII)
Automatically find Social Security Numbers and other National IDs, Bank Account and Routing Information, Driver Licenses, Dates of Birth, Phone Numbers, Addresses, and Passports.

Toxic Data (PCI and PHI)
Automatically find Payment Card Industry Data (PCI Data) including Credit Card Numbers,Magnetic Stripe/Track Data, and Financial Information as well as Patient Health Information including ePHI and Medical Records.

Intellectual Property and Custom Data
Create new rules to find confidential information matching custom patterns of data, proprietary dictionary terms, and unique validation rules.

Centralized Management

Classification and Workflow
Enforce corrective behavior by automatically classifying and assigning results and notifying administrators and data owners of necessary actions.

Policy Management
Create one or many policies to control all endpoints from a single administrative dashboard. Automatically or manually tag systems to easily manage hundreds of thousands of endpoints, or just a few.

Search Anytime
Flexibly schedule searches and execute on demand. Set multiple schedules based on operational, departmental, and compliance needs.

Comprehensive Reporting

Custom Reports
Aggregate results across the entire enterprise into one central dashboard and MyCompany Quarterly Reporting engine. Develop custom MyCompany Quarterly Reports for multiple constituencies and validate remediation over time.

Detailed Analysis
Empower users, data owners, and administrators to preview contextual results, file properties, ownership information and access controls to make quick and smart decisions.

Restrict data transmission and viewing through Roles Based Access Control to provide your employees with comfort about their data and restrict access across departments, divisions, or geographic boundaries.

Easy to Deploy

Optional Endpoint App
Our interactive endpoint applications for Windows and Mac provide end users with a powerful, intuitive, graphical user interface to configure, search, review, and remediate sensitive data.

Remediation Actions
Use the endpoint applications or centralized console to reduce your toxic footprint and minimize risk by easily performing remediation actions. Permanently Shred, Redact, Encrypt, or Quarantine results to protect sensitive data.

No Training
Our solution was designed specifically for sensitive data management with an intuitive, modern interface that obviates the need for technical training of end users.