Data Discovery

Discover sensitive information and reduce the carrying cost of data. Search locally with an easy to use app or remotely with agentless technology. Remediate unprotected results before they are unintentionally or deliberately leaked.

Search Everywhere

Unstructured Data
Search any file type possible including archives (.zip, .gz, .7, .tar, etc.) and use advanced file identification to ensure files are searched with the highest accuracy possible.

E-Mail and Cloud
Search message content and attachments in Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Apple Mail and others. Search Cloud storage folders including Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, and more.

Desktops and Remote Servers
Search Windows and Mac OS X workstations. Search servers remotely without an agent or locally and cover NAS, SAN, Linux, SQL, Orace, other databases, Exchange, SharePoint, websites, and other file servers.

Find Anything

Personal Information (PII)
Automatically find Social Security Numbers and other National IDs, Bank Account and Routing Information, Driver Licenses, Dates of Birth, Phone Numbers, Addresses, and Passports.

Toxic Data (PCI and PHI)
Automatically find Payment Card Industry Data (PCI Data) including Credit Card Numbers,Magnetic Stripe/Track Data, and Financial Information as well as Patient Health Information including ePHI and Medical Records.

Intellectual Property and Custom Data
Create new rules to find confidential information matching custom patterns of data, proprietary dictionary terms, and unique validation rules.

Powerful Client App

Graphical User Interface
Our interactive endpoint applications for Windows and Mac provide end users with a robust, intuitive, modern user interface to configure, search, review, and remediate sensitive data.

Clean Up
Reduce your toxic footprint and minimize risk by easily performing remediation actions: Permanently Shred, Redact, Encrypt, or Quarantine results to protect sensitive data.

Search Anytime
Flexibly schedule searches to run at your convenience. Use search history to dramatically increase the speed of subsequent searches. Run in background mode so it is non-invasive to your day-to-day work.

Comprehensive Reporting

Detailed Analysis
Preview contextual results, file properties, ownership information and access controls to make quick and smart decisions.

Reports and Exports
Save custom, secure MyCompany Quarterly Reports or export data for trending analysis. Export to spreadsheets or html. Choose only the data you want saved and mask results to protect sensitive data.

Custom Views
Organize the interface to show the result details relevant to you and speed through analysis. Choose from many data options and properties including owner, file attributes, EFS encryption, size, date accessed, and much more.

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